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 Elesis [In Depth Review]

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PostSubject: Elesis [In Depth Review]   Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:36 pm

In-depth review about Elesis:
(Post courtesy of CrimsonJoyce)

One of the most versatile characters in the game, Knight Elesis has the
SPEED, DAMAGE, and TANKING POWER - for short, the whole package. Let us
study Elesis in details.

Basic Facts:

a. Balanced Offense and Defense Gameplays

* Offensive tactics (to be discussed).
* Defensive maneuvers (to be discussed).

b. Suffers the least delay in combat

* In terms of speed, she is among the one of the quickest characters of GC (Swordsmaiden, Spearmaiden, Swordmaster & Savior).
* In terms of offense, her fast-paced normal attack is one of the fastest combo in the game.

c. Killer Skills

c.1. Default Skills

* Mega Slash
* Sonic Wave
* Air Spiral
* Ground Break
* Tornado Swing
* Dragon Slash
* Power Break
* Blade Beam
* Dragon Dive
* Round Crash
* Fated Circle
* Chaos Savior

c.2. Cash Skills

* Circle Blade
* Magnum Break
* Storm Blade
* Leap Attack

d. Tanking Power

* Biggest defense, and quite formidable vitality in the game.
* Innate Arrow Defense
* Reflect Arrow Ability

e. Multiple Combo Patterns

* Different attack patterns can be created in any scenario (to be discussed).
* Skill Chain Combos can be created in any scenario (to be discussed).

f. Versatile Grabs (Aerial, Skill, Exotic)

* Basic Facts on Elesis's different job grabs
* Jump + Dash Grab
* Slash + Grab
* Rocket Grab
* Circle Blade Grab
* Storm Blade Grab
* Grab while in Berserked State
* Double Grab
* Attack + Grab
* Platform Grabbing
* Feint Ground Break + Grab

g. Styles In Auto Shotting *NEW

* Basic Auto Shot Tips
* Different Auto Shot Maneuvers of Different Job


Balanced Offense and Defense Gameplays

A. Offensive Strategies

a.1. Back Spell (Knight)
- an offensive strategy good for passive opponents like fire-bolting
Armes or Ragnabolter Ronans. In performing the backspell, execute a
ROCKET STEP + Z (extreme timing is a must).

a.2. Jump Dash Attack (Knight)
- great offensive strategy most oftenly used by experienced Elesis
players. Good against cornered opponents (Hell Bridge Scenario, etc...)

a.3. Slash + Grab (Knight) - offensive style inspired from SpM's Slash + Grab. This is one of Elesis's unique trademarks in game (only few can do this).

a.4. Full Dash Attack (SpM)
- offensive strategy used by elite SpM users. Good for characters
passive characters, Guan maneuver users and in trapping opponents.

a.5. Slash + Grab (SpM) - the stunning effect of SpM's jump attack makes this combo deadliest among GC characters.

a.6. Dicer (Swd Master)
- an offensive strategy wherein the SM performs a jumping dash attack.
High damaging combo, but less accurate. To perform, simply JUMP + Dash
+ Attack.

a.7. Cleaver (Swd Master)
- an offensive strategy wherein the SM performs a circling aerial
attack. This ability has 270 degrees area of reach. Good for jumping
opponents, and enemies above you (Jump + UP + Attack).

a.8. Sword Dive (Swd Master)
- powerful offensive ability of SM in which she performs a sword dive
onto the ground. This deals massive damage, power almost equivalent to
her 1st tier skill Power Break, and Grab. Good against free falling
opponents, and initiating surprise skill attacks (Jump + DOWN + Attack).

B. Defensive Strategies

b.1. Guan Maneuver (Knight, Sword Master)
- great defensive approach against aggressive opponents and consistent
shadow/flash steppers. In performing Guan Maneuver, press DASH + JUMP +
possible). Good defensive style against Thief, Magic Knight, Assassin,
and Dragon Knight Users.

b.2. Front Guan Maneuver (Knight, Sword Master)
- offensive/defensive strategy but this time, it involves a forward
jump step. In performing the Front Guan, press DASH + JUMP + FORWARD +
ATTACK. Good for stumbled opponents in ground.

Credits: MOmmy lei

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PostSubject: Re: Elesis [In Depth Review]   Wed Jun 30, 2010 9:38 pm

b.3. Backing Shadow Dash Attack or "Mouse Trap" (Knight)
- a defensive strategy which involves a backing shadow step (or
mushidon) then executes a frontal dash attack. Mouse Trap in the sense
that your opponent will receive a dash attack damage when he goes near
to your trap point.


Suffers the least delay in combat

a. Least delay in SPEED
- Elesis is one among the fastest characters in GC. Her gameplay is
very unique in the sense that she alone bears the "Famous Footworks"
(only applicable in Knight and Sword Master).

a.1.1. Rocket Step - > , > + ^
(comma sign - quick split second interval; plus sign - must be pressed
simultaneously) This is the most offensive/defensive basic step in
escaping nukes, spells, and arrows, as well as initiating surprise
attacks and grabs.

a.1.2. Flash Step - > , > + ^ , v
(down key must be executed in a 0.4 second interval, just right after
Elesis's initial launch of rocket step) A variation from Rocket Step,
this footwork is great in chasing fast paced opponents like Magic
Knight, Dragon Knight, Archer, Crossbowmaiden, etc... Continuous Flash
Step makes you look like a hopping bunny.

a.1.3. Shadow Step - > + ^ , > + v
(or for beginners, Rocket Step , > + v) A variation from Flash Step
wherein upon your execution of the mini-jump part, upon landing, it
creates a sliding effect at the ground. A more great approach in
hunting very fast-paced, experienced opponents.

a.1.4. Mushidon - > , > + ^ + v
(this involves pressing three keys simultaneously in a 0.3 second
interval) A complicated step in which it involves quick pressing of
keys. This step is very applicable in doing long distance grabs,
parrying most attacks, and creating surprise skill combos.

a.1.5. Demon Step
- (continuous Mushidon) One of the hardest trademarks of Swordsmaiden
Elesis, Demon Step is one of the most offensive approach in hunting
down fast opponents.

b. Least delay in Attack Patterns

b.1. Combo Attack (normal) - one of the most versatile combos in the game.

Knight's normal attack has a 0.5 second interval on the first three
initial hits, followed by a 2-hit thrust damage. Attack patterns may
vary. You can performing the continuous 6 combo hit (Z Z Z Z Z Z), an
Aerial Attack (Z Z Z ...Z + UP), or Combo Dash Attack (Z Z Z...Z +
>>/<<). Number of attacks may vary depending on the player.

Spearmaiden's attacking delay has a 0.5 delay interval on the first
four initial hits, followed by a 14-hit continuous damage. Attack
patterns may vary. You can perform the continuous 20 combo hit (Z Z Z Z
Z.... Z), or Combo Dash Attack (Z Z Z Z ...Z + >>/<<).

Sword Master's combo attacks has a 0.7 delay interval on the first two
hits, followed by a 6-hit consistent damage (0.8 delay). Attack
patterns may vary. You can perform the continuous 8 combo hit (Z Z Z Z
...Z), an Aerial Juggle Attack (Z + >>/<<, Z Z +
>>/<<), or a Shadow Attack (Z Z Z Z + UP).

Savior's 1st two combo has a delay of 0.9 second, then followed by a
0.6 second delay in between slashes. You can perform a 7 hit damage, or
you can create a combo + dash (<>).

b.2. Dash Combo Attack
- Elesis can perform powerful and quick dash attacks. These dash
attacks has the least delay compared to all the characters in GC.

Knight's dash attack is among the quickest dash attacks in GC(0.5
recovery time). Good damage, easy-casting, and good reaching point
(accuracy), it can be accompanied with her normal combo attacks as
well. Her dash attack is a 2-hit damage (1st attack initial damage
followed by 2nd hit main damage).

Spearmaiden's dash attack attributes high damage, having a 0.6 recovery
time. Its dash attacks can be half dash attack, or full dash attack.
You can increase SpM's potency of her dash attacks by performing it
going down in a platform ( <> + v + Z). Her dash attack
is a 7-hit damage (Initial 3 hits, main damage, then last 3 hits).

Sword Master's dash attack has a 0.5 delay. Similar to Knight's 2-hit
damage, except for its horizontal reaching point (has less accuracy of
hitting opponents).

Savior's Dash Attack is classified into two: the Normal Dash attack,
that deals a 2 hit damage (initial, then twice the initial damage) and
the Back Dash Attack; a one-hit high damaging dash attack


Killer Skills: In-depth Review of Elesis's Skill (PVP)


a. Mega Slash
- one of the strongest 1st tier skill of Knight. Accompanied by 3
initial slashes and 2 high damaging strikes, Mega Slash is a versatile
skill, and always chained to other skills to create a chain-skill combo
(1 bar MP needed).


1. Powerful skill, 25% stronger than Ronan's Infinity Sword (in a 600 attack stats scenario)
2. Versatility (Skill Chaining)
3. Long delay for easy Skill Dodging
4. Stun-locker ability (when enemy has recovered from fallen state)


1. Prone to Grabs, Attacks, and Skills (upon Knight's landing of her 4th and 5th slash).
2. Easily avoided by casting Skill in between the 3 initial slashes from Mega Slash
3. The 4th and 5th slashes CAN BE AVOIDED!

b. Sonic Wave
- considered one of the strongest 2nd tier skill. A favorite among
elite Knight users, Sonic Wave is a finisher combo. It releases a wave
that deals atleast 5-6 hits (2 bar MP needed).


1. High damaging Skill (especially if the opponent is exactly suspended in the air)
2. Versatility (Skill Finisher)
3. Can be used for Surprise Attack (for fast-chasing, aggressive opponents)
4. Mana Counter Immune (the only skill in w/ch enemies won't receive a mana counter)


1. Well-anticipated skill (Mega Slash + Sonic Wave Scenario, Circle Blade + Sonic Wave Scenario)
2. Needs to be close in range in order to receive the full damage
3. Skill + Sonic Wave can be cancelled (pets like Ice Pixie, Chaos Pip, if the enemy released in properly)

c. Air Spiral
- Knight Elesis's 3rd tier skill. Compared to a shotgun, Air Spiral
must be casted within a close distance, in order for your opponent to
receive a full damage. Often not used in PVP battles (3 bar MP needed).


1. Good damage (if opponent is timed exactly in the air, or opponent is on a sloped area)
2. Creates a mini-stun effect on the 2nd blow (good for PVP assist)
3. Can be comboed together with a fellow player who can suspend opponents in mid-air.


1. Low accuracy (can be only used only when opponent's in mid-air
2. Unreliable skill (in a 1v1 scenario)

d. Circle Blade - Knight's 1st tier Cash Skill. Its versatility attributes to its quick cast and reaction time (1 bar MP needed)


1. Versatility (Skill Chaining, Normal Combo + CB)
2. Aerial Grab after CB
3. Mana Counter Immune


1. Prone to Grabs, and Skills (Long reaction time)
2. Accurate Skill (means that the opponent's feet must be planted in the ground to juggle him up)

d. Magnum Break
- Knight's 2nd tier Cash Skill. Magnum Break is among Elesis's
strongest arsenals in the game. Its destructive power is to be reckoned
with in any PVP scenario (2 bar MP needed).


1. High Offensive Power (20% stronger than Assassin's Sharp Explosion; Elesis's 750 attack against Lass's 880 attack)
2. Versatility (Skill Finisher)
3. 1-Hit Combo Finisher


1. Accurate Skill (opponent must be planted straight to the ground in order to get a formidable hit)
2. 30% chance Mana Counter (damage can be minimized by charging up the opponent's manapool)
3. Short Reach

e. Storm Blade
- Knight's 3rd tier Cash Skill. Elesis's Coup de Grace, Any opponent
caught within SB's wake will be instantly killed (3 barMP needed).


1. Insane Offensive Power (50% stronger than Magnum Break)
2. 1-Hit Skill Killer
3. Aerial Grab after Storm Blade
4. AoE Splash Damage upon the Last Blow
5. Can take down multiple opponents in an instant


1. Well-anticipated skill (experienced opponents can analyze and see it coming!)
2. 30% chance Mana Counter


a. Ground Break
- SpM's 1st tier skill. She performs a ground attack with her spear,
leaving all enemies in her wake. Its reliability and fast casting is a
favorite among SpM users (1 bar MP needed).


1. Less Delay Casting
2. Platform/ Elevation friendly skill
3. Combo + Ground Break
4. Feint Ground Break + Grab


1. Prone to Grabs and Skills
2. Short Area of Reach (when on the ground)
3. Long Reaction Time

b. Tornado Swing - SpM's 2nd tier skill. She performs a 4 hit fast spinning maneuver that deals a great amount of damage (2 bar MP needed).


1. Formidable damage
2. Can be used for surprise attacks (sliding effect).
3. Front and back attack oriented skill
4. Skill favorite in any PVP Scenario


1. Accurate Skill
2. Well-anticipated skill (experienced opponents can foresee this!)

c. Dragon Slash
- SpM's 3rd tier skill. One of the strongest skills in game. Elesis can
take down multiple targets with this skill. She performs a horizontal
ballistic slash that deals massive damage.


1. High Offensive Damage (insane high damage )
2. 1-hit Skill Finisher
3. Mana Counter Resistant
4. Can take down multiple opponents
5. Dangerous in close and semi-close range


1. Well-anticipated skill
2. Useless if opponents are in semi-mid range (easily avoided by experienced opponents)

d. Leap Attack
- Spearmaiden's Cash Skill. Elesis executes 2 thrusts and ends up with
an upward strike reaching from the back (1 bar of MP is needed).


1. Combo Friendly Skill (Leap Attack + Jump Attack, Leap Attack + Dash Attack/ or rarely, a Grab)
2. Versatility
3. Tornado Swing Friendly Skill (Leap Attack + Tornado Swing)
4. Last hit reaches from the back


1. Accurate Skill (opponent must be parallel in the ground in order to receive a full damage ordeal
2. Vurnerable at the third swing of her attack


a. Power Break
- Swd Master's 1st tier skill. Its strength is almost equivalent to her
grab. She performs an upward diagonal slash that strikes the enemies


1. Combo Friendly Skill
2. Easy Casting.
3. Semi-close reach; can cover the ground area as well as the mid-air area


1. Long reaction time
2. Prone to Skills and Attacks

b. Blade Beam
- Swd Master's 2nd tier skill. A more modified version of Knight's
Sonic Wave, but this time, she unleashes 3 beam slashes (front and


1. Skill Combo Friendly (to be discussed under Skill Combo Chapter)
2. Full Damage when the 3 beams intercede (towards the edge platform)
3. Front and Back Beam slashes (for front and rear guard)
4. Formidable damage when casted upon juggled opponents


1. Not-so-good damage in front confrontation.
2. Opponent must be in mid-air to receive a full damage

c. Dragon Dive - Swd Master's 3rd tier skill. A more modified version of Air Spiral but more potent. Deadly Skill in close range


1. Skill Finisher (20% stronger than Sonic Wave)
2. Deadly Skill when opponents are in mid-air/top platform


1. Not-so-good damage when opponents are on ground.
2. Well-anticipated skill


a. Round Crash - TBU
b. Fated Circle - TBU
c. Chaos Savior - TBU


Tanking Power: In-depth review

a. Biggest Defense in the Game
- Elesis's high tolerance of damage and huge vitality can be attributed
to her innate strength and Armor Set. She can tank almost any skills
and combos in the battlefield. Her reliability in game is indispensable
in a team scenario.

Tentative Damage Data: (920 defense and 750 vitality scenario = 330 HP)

*This data refers on how much damage a skill can be afflicted to Elesis*

1. Infinity Sword - 30% - 35% HP damage (99 - 115 damage)
2. Sword Tempest - 48% HP damage (140 - 160 damage)
3. Lodestar Chaser - 65% HP rdamage (200 - 220+ damage)
4. Spell of Ruin - 44% HP damage (145+ damage)
5. Arc Breath - 70% - 90% HP damage (231 - 300+ damage)
6. Rune Spiral - 20% - 25% HP damage (67 - 83 damage)
7. Giga Spread - 40% - 53% HP damage (132 - 175+ damage)
8. Kanavan Strike - 75% - 85% HP damage (240 - 280+ damage)
9. Blast Bomb - 24% - 35% HP damage (79 - 115 damage)
10. Lunatic Force - 80% HP damage (264 damage)
11. Big Shot - 14% HP damage, 6.3% HP damage at arrow defense (46 - 55 damage; 14 - 24 damage)
12. Arrow Rain - 20% - 33% HP damage (65 - 108 damage; solid hit)
13. Shooting Star - 66% HP damage (217+ damage; solid hit)
14. Flame Arrow - 85% - 100% HP damage (240 - 330+ damage)
15. Attack Swing - 13% - 17% HP damage (45 - 66 damage)
16. Quick Shot - 10% - 12% HP damage, 3% - 5.5% HP damage at arrow defense (30 - 39 damage; 9 - 18 damage)
17. Trampoline Kick - 20% - 27% damage (66 - 89 damage)
18. Big Rush - 29% HP damage, 8.8% HP damage at arrow defense (96 damage; 29 damage)
19. Harpy Hunt/Dive Bombing - 40% HP damage (132 damage; solid hit)
20. Hyper Shot - 16% HP damage (52 damage)
21. White Wind - 40% HP damage (132 damage; solid hit)
22. Chakra Shot - 17% - 50% HP damage (60 - 165+ damage, aerial solid hit)
23. Thunder Slash - 17% - 23% HP damage (56 - 70+ damage)
24. Fatal Attack - 0% and 100% HP damage (0 and 330 damage; 50/50 chance)
25. Final Strike - 75% HP damage (250 damage)
26. Frenzy Sword - 22% - 25% HP damage (72 - 82 damage)
27. Sharp Explosion - 70% - 80% HP damage (181 or 231+ damage)
28. Deadly Sharp - 70% and 140% HP damage (231 - 462 damage)
29. Stone Curse - 11% - 26% HP damage (36 - 85 damage; depends on how fast you hit the LR buttons)
30. Lightning Bolt - 20% - 25% HP damage (65 - 85 damage; semi-close range)
31. Meteor - 50% - 80% HP damage (165 - 264+ damage; aerial solid hit)
32. Land Scamper - 30% HP damage (110+ damage)
33. Shining Arrow - 15.5% HP damage (51 damage)
34. Fire Storm - 85% - 110% HP damage ( 280 - 363 damage)
35. Tornado - 11% HP damage (35 - 45 damage)
36. Blizzard - 40% - 70% HP damage ( 132 - 231 damage; depends on how fast you hit the LR buttons)

*Still, this is a tentative calculation based on my experiences and some adjustments of each Character's Stats*
This shows how great Elesis is in a gameplay. She can endure any skill, combo, damage, and still can make up onto her feet.

b. Innate Projectile Defense
- As a tank in the game, she also has an innate defense against
projectiles (arrows, bolts, shurikens...). By suspending yourself in
the air triggers your 80% natural tolerance against arrows. bolts, and


c. Reflect Arrow Ability
- Elesis ,aside from bearing the strongest defense and considerable
vitality in game, can also reflect arrows (20% chance). In order to
reflect the arrows back to your opponent, rapidly press the directional
key where the arrows will hit you. This increases your chance in
reflecting arrows.


Multiple Combo Pattern:


a. Normal Attack + Skill/s

a.1. Normal Attack + Circle Blade - basic combo pattern. 3-4 hits + CB

a.2. Normal Attack + Dash + Sonic Wave - advance combo pattern. 40% chance to suceed in doing the said combo pattern.

a.3. Normal Attack + Mega Slash - advance combo pattern. 20% chance to
suceed in doing the said combo pattern (unless accompanied with a pet

a.4. Normal Attack + Dash + Magnum Break - advance combo pattern. Reliability of this skill is 70%.

b. Skill Chain Combos

Circle Blade + Sonic Wave - to execute this skill properly, charge up
your manapool just before the Circle Blade hits. When the 2nd hits
occurs, immediately release the Sonic Wave.

b.2. Mega Slash + Magnum Break - charge up your manapool when the first 3 initial hits occur.

b.3. Mega Slash + Circle Blade - first 3 hits from Mega Slash, then CB. Possibility for an additional damage can be applied.

b.4. Mega Slash + Mega Slash + Mega Slash - attributes 9 hits, (from the first 3 hits of each MS). Not used in a PVP.

b.5. Mega Slash + Sonic Wave - first 3 hits from the MS, then relase
the Sonic Wave. Possibility for a 4th hit from MS can be applied. (40%
chance unless the player's a PRO).


a. Normal Attack + Skill

a.1. Normal Attack + Ground Break - versatile combo of SpM. 2-4 hits + GB.

a.2. Normal Attack + Leap Attack - versatile combo of SpM. 2-4 hits + LA + possible damage.

a.3. Normal Attack + Tornado Swing. - hard to execute combo. Opponent
must be stun-locked (normal attack) in order to eexecute this.

a.4. Normal Attack + Dragon Slash - hard to execute combo. Opponent must be stun-locked.

b. Skill Chain Combos

Leap Attack + Ground Break - versatile skill. Common, yet neglected
combo skill of SpM. Quick Cast of GB ensures massive damage.

b.2. Leap Attack + Tornado Swing - versatile skill. Common yet neglected combo skill of SpM.


a. Normal Attack + Skill

a.1. Normal Attack + Power Break - versatile, spammable combo of Swd Master. 2-6 hits + PB.

a.2. Normal Attack (2 hits + Dash) + Power Break - elegant combo of Swd Master . 2 hits tossing the enemy, then PB.

a.3. Normal Attack (2 hits + Dash; the attack that will toss the
opponents in air) + Feint Power Break + Blade Beam - versatile, combo
finisher skill. Fast execution is a must.

a.4. Feint Sword Dive + Power Break - surprise combo attack.

b. Skill Chain Combo

b.1. Feint Power Break + Blade Beam - versatile surprise skill combo. More damage if opponent caught in mid-air.

b.2. Power Break + Blade Beam - good against aggressive opponents (PB
damage, then when the enemy draws near, immediately release the BB).

Versatile Grabs (Aerial, Skill, Exotic)

a. Basic Facts on Elesis's different job grabs

Knight Grab - Grabs determine who wins or not. Dominating the
battlefield is what defines Elesis. All thanks to her "Famous
Footworks", she can do instant grabs with ease given with increased
mobility. Aerial grabs, Skill grabs, and even Rare Grabs, she can do it

a.2. Spearmaiden Grab - Even with reduced mobility, she is
deadly as she was in her Knight mode. Given with her dash, which is
Mushi-capable, she can perform swift grabs with great accuracy. 90%
grabbing power is a big, big factor. Enough reason to make her liked by
all melee players in GrandChase.

a.3. Sword Master Grab - This
brings back Elesis's "Famous Footworks" but in a reduced state. This
job requires intense finger training in order to make up with SM. Her
grabs are dangerous in which she can perform Normal Attack + Grabs her
Swd Master state. Many players see her job disadvantageous but for an
Elesis Lover, this is a Heaven sent Job

Jump + Dash Grab (Knight, Swd Master) - unique ability, dash-capable
character, Elesis has the leverage in performing aerial Grabs. This is
a fundamental grab an Elesis lover should learn, (mapalalake ka man o
babae ).
Practice yourself by having a sparring partner do a continuous jump
while doing the Jump + Dash Grab. The technique in aerial grabbing is
to feel the resistance hitting your character and opponent, and once
you feel that, immediately press Z while holding the forward button.

Slash + Grab (Knight, SpM, Swd Master) - difficult ability yet once
practiced over and over, it can be a powerful arsenal in any PVP
scenario. The technique here in performing a Slash Grab is to
repeatedly execute jump attacks, then fast execution of grab once you
land. More dominant among SpM users.

d. Rocket Grab (Knight, Swd
Master) - more modified version of Jump + Dash Grab but this time, it
involves a diagonal upward maneuver. Remember the Rocket Step? Don't
forget to hold the forward button as you press the Attac Button.
Remember to feel the resistance!

e. Circle Blade + Grab (Knight)
- more difficult ability. The technique in performing this infamous
grab is knowing the timing of your land, and in the same time, the
exact execution of your backspell. This is very, very hard at first,
(my first experience on performing this skill, I have wasted 1,500
Circle Blade cash skills just to make 5 successful Circle Blade +
Grabs. Discouraged? No way )
but once you master the art of feeling the resistance, aerial grabs are
all ease! Practice makes a refined individual. The more laggy your
opponent, the higher chance you can execute this skill.

f. Storm Blade + Grab (Knight) - more difficult ability depending on how high you juggle your opponent.

f.1. If you juggled him high enough, you can execute a Jump + Dash Grab, feel the resistance!

f.2. If you juggled him in mid-air, remember the tactic on how you grab in Circle Blade + Grab.

f.3. If you juggled him in a sloped area, Rocket Grab will be your best bet.

Grab while in Berserked State (Knight + Swd Master) - when your Berserk
Meter maxes out, this will trigger your Magic Berserk Ability, tossing
your opponents in mid-air. Doing a Jump + Dash Grab, or a Rocket + Grab
sometimes will do the trick. Grabs in this state sometimes don't work.

Double Grab (Knight, SpM, Swd Master) - double grabs are quite rare in
occasion. Possibilities for these kind of grabs are above the platforms
(I still have hard time executing thse kind of grabs though).

Attack + Grab (SpM, Swd Master) – Grab sufficient SpM can create a
tactical advantage over your enemies. Swd Master, on the other hand,
requires juggling your opponents.


Basics first in making an Auto Shot is:

1. Knowing the Otto Beat is.

2. Split second alternate mashing of the DOWN KEY and the ATTACK KEY.

3. Start in a SLOW PACE FIRST! One successful Feint-Fall-Hit Platforming at a time!

4. Spearmaiden's Auto Shot has a different pace and split-second alternate mashing sequence, than the Knight or Sword Master.

5. Start your Auto Shot practice using SPEARMAIDEN FIRST!

Consistent Practice until you tire your fingers. (It's worth it if you
continue to persevere in doing a task that will be a good use in


Basic Tidbits in Auto Shot (Hope it might help):


Spearmaiden's Auto Shot Slow Motion - One successful strike at a time.
Imagine your two fingers (the point and the big finger), alternately
hit to create a fast double sound beat. I challenge you to make a 50 successful combos using the slow-motion auto shot

Spearmaiden Auto Shot Fast Motion - You must finish atleast 70
repetitions from the previous in order to do this fast Auto Shot. The
beating style is like on a 155 tempo Mariachi drumbeat (the march beat
in which you hear during FIESTAS or any FESTIVE OCCASION, the fast beat
not the slow one ).
Deftly tap (not press) the DOWN and ATTACK KEY. Tapping gives you the
chance to float onto the platform (basing from my Auto Shot experience
while in SM)

Credits: mommy lei

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PostSubject: Re: Elesis [In Depth Review]   Fri Jul 02, 2010 2:23 am

thanks for the repost :)
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PostSubject: Re: Elesis [In Depth Review]   Fri Dec 17, 2010 6:01 am

i can use any jobs of elesis specially savior and swords master
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Elesis [In Depth Review]
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