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 3v3: My party: 2 Range 1 Melee Game (me) ^^

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3v3: My party: 2 Range 1 Melee Game (me) ^^ Empty
PostSubject: 3v3: My party: 2 Range 1 Melee Game (me) ^^   3v3: My party: 2 Range 1 Melee Game (me) ^^ I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 01, 2010 6:40 am

I posted this before in another forum site, gaining knowledge how to deal with this type of scenario...{Alam ko me makakarecall neto^^ some points were edited for better understanding}

~~~credits to "MerryGoRound" ^^
Scenario: Game is 3v3. My party: 2 Lire
1 Spearman(you) - Opponent's Party: 1 Lire 2 Spearman. Game plan: Aim the Lire first using the melee. Rambol mode. Opponent's Lire for sure is flexy and moving from one place to another, runner and the 2 oppo melee's are protecting the range from behind... wherever the lire goes. And you will meet them (melee) for sure along your way since your aiming for the range first.


Kudos Team:LireA1, LireA2, SpearGirlA (Me)
Opponents:ArmeB, LireB, SpearGirlB

SpearGirlA: passive stance, don't rush towards the enemy fire, instead focus on defending A1 and A2. Hold the line.

A1 and A2: Provide suppressing fire to destroy any actions coming from ArmeB, LireB is secondary priority.

Battle Formation:
chobibo's Right Triangle Formation
[applicable to areas with secondary platforms-Elven Forest]

A1 |||

A2 SGA |||

A1 in strategic position so he\she can fire at ArmeB effectively. Formation must be maintained to achieve ultimate goal.

leilianj's Offensive Formation:

A1----A2-----SGA------->>> Opponents

__________________________________________________ ____________________

A1 and A2 fires at anyone getting in range, while firing all of you
must push forward but maintain formation, SGA will switch formations
with anyone that is attacked by a melee opponent. Focus of fire will be
given to SGB, requires quick kill, change target immediately and
eliminate ArmeB.

A1 and A2 fires continously towards the enemy ArmeB and LireB, when
SpearGirlB comes near, retreat until LireB can't hit you with her
arrows, then A1 and B1 along with SpearGirlA focus on killing
SpearGirlB quickly. A1 then quickly targets ArmeB and A2 targets LireB,
SpearGirlA go for the kill and feint attacks LireB, then quickly
changes target and attacks ArmeB until she dies.

Summary:Kill SpearGirlB as quickly as possible while cancelling
ArmeB's spells, LireB will be given less priority since all she will be
doing is evading your initial push.

Try to dictate the game. dapat kayo yung masusunod, normally ang
tao reactive eh, pero oo nga mahirap yung strategy na binigay ko kung
labo labo yung mangyayari, dapat mag short drill kayo ng team before playing.

Sample, Lire ka kunwari, pag tinira mo yung arme, naturally iiwas yun,
kung gipit sya sa gilid, lalapit sau un tapos aatake, eh andun sa tabi
mo yung spearman... either you shower the arme with arrows or she eats
spear, Mamimili un sa dalawa, either way nasunod yung gusto mo
mangyari, nacontrol mo sya ng di nya nalalaman. Kailangan sila mag
react sa inyo, bakit? kasi alam nyo ang gagawin nyo pag nagreact sila
sa atake nyo, planado na eh. Dapat alam nyo na beforehand yung gagawin
nila, di naman tayo psychic so ang tools na gagamitin natin eh
situation, kaya gagawa talaga kau ng scenario na mapipilitan silang
kumilos ayon sa situation. Wala sila magagawa kundi mag panic, the end
na sila lolx.

>>> Aiming lire at first is a good tactic, but maybe approriate sa
situation, mahirap nga pag may supressing fire, kasi melee sya eh, pero
advantage sa inyo dahil 2 yung ranged attacker ng team, and think to suppress ung melee ng kalaban then after maubos yung melee attacker eh kuyugin
yung lire nila.

1 lire creates a suppressing fire against incoming melee attackers,
lire and spearman focusing fire on a single target until he runs out of

>>> A professional player is payed to play the game, hence the inability to
quit a match. I prefer to call seasoned players experts or elites.

>>> you need to know the "konsepto ng bayanihan"(teamwork), I can understand na hindi lahat eh kaya mag formulate ng
tactics since kailangan mo ng matinding processing power para dun. Common sense lang kailangan with
a little bit of experience yan eh. Based on my experience as an Elesis
player, i find that Lire's offer a good amount of suppressing fire, di
nga sila support eh, unlike what others think, kung sa battle order
yan, sila yung artillery/cavalry, kasi gamit lang ang isang lire ma
outflank mo na yung kalaban nyo kung all melee sila, just remember to
provide cover para sa kanila. Melee classes offer a front line role in
battle, use them to hold the line para di madikitan yung lire, yun yung
role mo as a melee attacker, well it applies if your playing a team
match with team mates. Ibang usapan pa yung Arme....

>>> Arme's are good for team battles if they act as battleships that
provide Heavy Artillery Fire, protect them from melee transgression,
pero stay close to them since meron silang stone something. It's vital
that you buy them time to recharge their MP uninterupted. A well
protected arme leads to victory, of course this won't apply if the
enemy has Armes too.

An effective countering force for Armes are Lires, they can strike the
arme from a distance rendering them ineffective in battle.

When there is an Arme in our team is to screen oncoming
arrows, thereby allowing my Arme teammate to recharge his\her MP
uninterupted. Nagpapatama talga ako sa arrows, kaso mahirap pag malakas
yung Lire ng kalaban.

Remember the power of an Arme lies within her capacity to throw spells,
which is dependent on her mana pool, strike her mana pool and she will
go down as easily like taking candy from a baby. LoL sagwa nung
comparison ahaha.

Scenario 2 Without Game Plan

[2 arme 1 spear "yourteam"]
youll lose the battle whether you choose both,
your team is imbalance.. lire will pawn both arme

either in the opponents lire is somehow stupid
your team might work it out.

[new scenario| 2 lire 1 spear "yourteam"]
i prefer you chose arme 1st
mostly in mixed up battles always lire can escape fast
unlike elesis or arme they got stock up in the scene [this depends on the team lire if they can bind those 2]

this kind of team has 70 percent winning chance

1 arme 1 lire 1 spear [is always the unbeatable lineup| much more if the lire can maximize his/her skill]

If you setup a situation which mostly of every game is unpredictable, it may be hard...

So just choose what do you think would be applicable with the game scenario. Either which... Even pro's in any game [like in basketball games] the coach set a play especially if the they are on their last two minutes... ^^ so make sure that someone a lead or try to do a short drill since before starting the game u can already see the opponent's stats..

And one more thing, u need to consider the instance of the opponent using "CASH SKILLS"

sabi nga ni GM MAC, "Nasa Cash ang Lakas" ~~~ nyahahaha^^

Credits: MiyukiKagami

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3v3: My party: 2 Range 1 Melee Game (me) ^^
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