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 Kudos Guild Forum Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: Kudos Guild Forum Rules and Guidelines   Kudos Guild Forum Rules and Guidelines I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 02, 2010 5:11 pm

Kudos Guild Forum Rules and Guidelines 819316
Kudos Guild Forum Rules and Guidelines
Kudos Guild Forum Rules and Guidelines 819316

Welcome to Kudos Guild Forums Site! We hope you enjoy your time here discussing guild matters, Grand Chase game and getting to know your fellow gamers/guildmates.

Please keep in mind that this is a board solely dedicated to Kudos Guild. Therefore, discussions outside the Chit-Chat section that have nothing to do with the game (for example, real world news/matters) will be removed.

We have created the following list of message board rules and guidelines to keep this an enjoyable environment for us all. Violations of these rules may result in your removal from this message board and/or suspension of your guild membership.

Forum moderators will not be able to personally discover each and every infraction. We encourage our users to actively use the "Report" button at the bottom of each post. These reports are reviewed daily and represent the bulk of posts that receive disciplinary attention.

This may be long, but you need to read this in order to keep you out of trouble here at the Kudos Guild Forums.


Kudos Guild Forum Rules and Guidelines 549707
The Rules and Guidelines.

Rule # 1
Respect each other.

Flaming and flame baiting other people is not allowed. Insulting other players with words, pictures, links and whole threads is not allowed. If you want to name names, make sure that the accusations are valid with screenshots, or else, the penalty will be sanctioned against you and not to the player you are referring to.

Rule # 2
Post in the Right Forum. Use the Search Function!

Study your topic carefully before posting. We have a search function here in the forums. If you have a question, try searching for the answer first. Duplicate threads will be closed without prior notice. Posting in incorrect forum sections is not allowed.

Rule # 3
Avoid Spamming.

The Kudos forum is created for a healthy place of discussion. It is not a chat room. However, there are sections in the forums that allow this type of community interaction, such off topic section. If you do not know what spamming is, search google! Or, approach any FM's if you're unsure that your topic or post would be relevant to the topic.

Rule # 4
Follow the Forum Name, Avatar and Signature Guidelines.

Avatars should be less than 25kb in weight. It should not contain any images and text which are suggestive and or offensive or what is inappropriate for minors. The signature should be at least contains 2 images max total and make sure that the size is not too large, just about the same width size of your screen.

Forum names should be the same as your IGN and at least not offensive. The scope of this rule covers all possible languages and dialects. If members find a Forum Name offensive, the reported user will be permanently banned.

Current forumers are allowed to change their names at least once. If the new name is in any way profane or offensive, the forumer will be given a 15-day posting suspension and his/her name will be changed to something the GMs and FMs deem more appropriate.

Rule # 5
Only Post/REPORT/DISCUSS BUGS and HACKS in the right section!

If you notice that something odd is happening in the game, inform a GM/FM in game instead or GCboards about it. Use OffTopic but once a single topic has been opened for this topic, do not create a new one as it will be considered spamming. Just Post REPLY.

Rule # 6
Illegal Trading/Selling of GC account is NOT ALLOWED.

There are several types of illegal trading. One is Real Money Trading, which simply means trading in-game items for real-life money or items. Another one is Account Trading or Selling, where you trade/sell your account to another GCPH player or someone that is interested in having one. This rule is in effect to protect you since these trades are highly susceptible to scamming. Also, it is one of the additional rules of KG wherein if you sell your account, you will automatically get expelled and banned from rejoining on this guild. Illegal trade threads, posts, links and signatures will be removed without notice and the forumer involved will be sanctioned.

Rule # 7
Keep your Posts Clean. Siguraduhing hindi bastos ang post mo.

Not all forumers are adults here. Please take this into consideration and avoid posting objectionable words/images/ASCII art. Also, avoid posting offensive/scary pictures and remarks. All links to websites that display profanity or aim to promote piracy will be deleted and the poster will be deleted and get sanctioned. Avoid linking to websites that aim to shock as not everyone has a strong heart.

Rule # 8
Let the moderators handle it.

Though we appreciate forumers helping our friendly moderators and managers; we believe that it isn't necessary to reply to a thread that violates the rules with posts such as "Thread reported." This will be counted as spamming. Also, whatever you do, do not act like a moderator. Just report the thread.

Rule # 9
Account Hopping, Multiple Accounts to Evade Suspension is NOT ALLOWED. Ang pagkaroon ng sandamakmak na account para makaiwas sa suspensyon ay pinagbabawal
Creating or posting using another forum account when one's main account is suspended is not allowed. Also, creating and/or using dummy accounts for the main purpose of spamming, flaming and/or character assassinating is considered as account hopping.

Note: Using someone else's account while one's main account is under suspension will also merit punishment. The "borrowed account" and the "borrower of the account" will both get a penalty in addition to the current punishment given to the borrower's account.

We reserve the right to update these rules as necessary, so take time to review them on a regular basis.


There are times when threads are just locked and deleted without prior notice. If ever this happens to one you started, do not panic. Chances are your thread/post fits into one of the categories below:

Lockable Threads

Locking is mostly used when a discussion has reached its logical conclusion (i.e. unwinnable arguments), or when a thread is overrun with flames. The primary difference between locking and removal is that a locked thread, at some point, had a legitimate intention.

Threads may be locked for reasons beyond those detailed here. Threads may be locked without explanation. If you would like to make an inquiry about a locked thread, just PM any of the Forum Mods. Do not create a new thread relating to the locked thread.

Removable Threads

The following types of threads have been deemed inappropriate for the official forums. Any thread on this list will be removed without notice, and may subject the poster (and possibly, others who help perpetuate such threads) to the suspension of forum privileges. This list will be updated as needed, although other threads may need to be removed even if they do not fall into one of these categories. Posting such threads will merit Punishments.

Censorship threads/posts
Threads started simply to contest/continue/inquire about threads that were locked or removed, or players who were banned, will be removed without notice. If you have a specific issue regarding the way forum policy is implemented, you may submit an inquiry to members of the forum staff via PM.

Character Assassination threads/posts

Threads that publicly accuse another guild or player of punishable offenses will be removed without notice. Violations need to be reported via the appropriate channels. If you believe that the Customer Support system has not provided a sufficient or timely response, you may submit an inquiry to members of the forum staff via PM. Public posts of such accusations will be construed as attempts to cause antagonism for its own sake.

I Quit threads/posts

These threads will be removed without notice and forum privileges will be suspended. If you choose to leave the game, feel free to submit your final feedback to the right section, the Unjoin Guild Section. Then give your final farewells to friends and guildmates in-game.

I Demand Answers threads/posts

Threads that make threats or use other combative language will be removed without notice. If you ask a question on the board and it has not been addressed by a moderator, there is a reason for that. In the event of legitimate emergencies or other unprecedented scenarios, we will endeavor to provide comments, even if it is only to state that there is no officially available information.

Money-making scheme threads/posts

Threads that advertise ways to make money both online and through other ways will be automatically removed. The forum is not a venue for advertisements in general. We also want to protect the forumers from money-making scams that can be found online.

Rule Circumvention threads/posts

Any thread we feel is trying to find some loophole to get away with disobeying the rules of the forums, in fact or in spirit, will be removed.

Legal Action threads/posts

Using the forums for encouraging, promoting, endorsing, or inciting any kind of legal action against anyone is strictly prohibited. Such content will be removed, and the author's posting privileges will be suspended.

These standards apply not only to threads, but to any and all manner of forum content, including individual posts, links, images, signatures, etc.



A - 4 day post suspension
B - 9 day post suspension
C - 15 day post suspension
D - Edited Signature and 3 day post suspension
E - Edited Signature and 30 day post suspension
S - Special 30 day ban or more, given to forumers depending on the gravity of their offense.
Z - Permanent BAN!
Usually, we give the lightest punishment on the first offense but this isn't mandatory. People can have a higher punishment on the first offense depending on the severity of the offense (ex. Cross-posting flame threads, having multiple posts of the same topic, excessive spamming, etc). This will always be deliberated upon by the moderators.


FAQ's About the rules

  • Will we get pardons on our Warning Bar?

No. The WARNING BAR is there to serve as a "log" for your violations. No other people can see it except the moderators and you.

  • Is there such a thing as "forum pardon"?

Yes. Forum pardons are given to permanently suspended forumers. The suspension will be lifted once the forumer shows initiative that he/she has changed after being suspended. The lifting of a suspension is only done once all members of the GM and FM team have deliberated conclusively on the matter.

If you have any clarifications/comments/reactions regarding the new guidelines, the mods are just a PM away.

Kudos Guild Forum Rules and Guidelines 696569 Many Thanks!
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Kudos Guild Forum Rules and Guidelines
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