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 Kudos Guild Decalogue

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PostSubject: Kudos Guild Decalogue   Kudos Guild Decalogue I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 01, 2010 7:17 am

Kudos Guild Decalogue Stonetabletcopy

Updated as of 03-08-2010
by Guild Mistress Lei

ATTENDANCE POLICY - Effective February 1, 2010, all new Kudosians [from 0-3 months old] are REQUIRED to post their attendance in Kudos Guild Thread. Just very simple, post the magic word "PRESENT". No spam will be allowed so please make sure you are only to post once.

THE PRODIGAL SON'S LAW - This law will let a previous Kudosian to rejoin on this Guild if he/she left due to personal reasons. The Prodigal Kudosian will only be allowed to rejoin twice, meaning, if they quit again, that it. "This is the end of the line for you! - Arme"

CHANGE OF NAME / IGN - Those members have any plans/intentional change of In-Game Name should inform any officer online ASAP to update the members listing. Membership suspension will be applied if a certain member will change his/her IGN without any prior notice from any of the Guild Officials and will be given one [1] week to notify Guild Officials, otherwise this may lead to Permanent Expulsion on the guild if member will not continue to coordinate/cooperate on the said matter.

ACCOUNT FOR SALE / CHANGE OF ACCOUNT HOLDER ~ Those member that maybe proven guilty selling their account/giving out their account to somebody else without notifying any of the Guild Officials will be EXPELLED AUTOMATICALLY on the date that he/she was caught doing so. However, for those instances, say the account was only piloted and the account holder was not aware of it, he/she was given 3 days to explain his side, otherwise, this shall show no interest of keeping the membership and AUTOMATIC GUILD EXPULSION WILL BE APPLIED.

OFFICIAL KUDOSIANS/NEW MEMBERS EFFECTIVE MARCH 1, 2010 ONWARDS - All members that will fall on this bracket should be ACTIVE IN GC FORUMS/KUDOS FORUMS SITE [ATTENDANCE] for 3 months straight, to keep their membership active within the guild. Inactivity/Failure to attend on both forums site [or either of the two] will subject to 1 week membership suspension, and may lead to Permanent Expulsion if there is no INITIATIVE coming from the member to be active within the suspension week..

UNJOIN GUILD - Any member with plans of leaving/quitting/take a vacation should inform any online Guild Officials with their reason. Whatever the reason would be honored and acknowledged as long as the member did not fail to notify. " Pakisabi " is not acceptable. The member him/herself is the only one allowed to say his/her farewells.

GUILD MEMBERSHIP IMMUNITY [Updated as of 04.04.2010] - This is given automatically to all Pioneer Members. For All Junior Members [With Less Than 3-Months Guild Membership] upon reaching the Seniority or once included in the Senior Members List, the immunity to get expelled due to non-attendance compliance will be given out. This Guild Membership Immunity is only applicable for attendance purposes only. Guild Rules are still strictly being implemented, therefore any rule violations will surely kick the member off on this guild, depends with the violation's nature or weight of the case.

Offense Cleansing Period - a Kudosian will be given a chance to redeem themselves. 3 MONTHS OF ZERO SANCTION ISSUANCE will definitely clears out all sanctions issued.
How to Report a KG Rules Violator:

Any officer/member can post their complaint/report.

A screenshot of the offense should be provided along with the report to show proof of violation. This is to avoid biased decision from the Guild Mistress and Co-GMs.
A simple hearing will be conducted to Generally determine an issue of fact on the basis of evidence available, to let the player explain his/her side of the story. GM's should be present to mitigate the case. [This depends with the degree/nature/level of offense]

Edit: Fixed ~
Kenji ~
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Kudos Guild Decalogue
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